Mold Remediation Procedures ::

Containment: Advanced Mold will first install engineering controls within the regulated work area at all openings. An Air Filtration Device (AFD’s) equipped with HEPA filters shall be installed within the regulated work area to establish a negative air environment and provide air filtration/scrubbing to remove and prevent the spread of air-borne mold spores from the contaminated work area during the mold remediation process.

Removing the Contaminated Materials:

Attic Mold - This would include any attic ceiling insulation.

Basement Mold - Materials commonly contaminated are sheetrocked walls, wall and ceiling insulation, lower moldings and fixed ceilings in high moisture situations.

We remove, contain and dispose of all porous, contaminated materials within the regulated work area.

Killing the Mold: Then, our Mold Remediation Technology is applied by trained, professional technicians. We then perform an additional step that most mold remediation companies skip - We treat the remaining porous ceiling and wall materials with a long lasting, odorless fungicide that's designed to penetrate into the wood to kill the mold root structure (hyphae). 

Mold Abatement Equipment ::

Air Scrubbing Machines, Negative Air Pressure Machine, High Capacity Dehumidifiers, Air Moving Equipment