Mold Inspection - Detection:

Have you noticed musty, moldy odors from your basement or another area inside your home; or dark discolorations on your attic ceiling, basement sheetrock walls, wall paneling or other building materials; water stains on ceilings, walls or floors; recurrent water leaks, a wet basement, a leaking or burst pipe.

Finding the mold: 
The first step, as part of our specialized on-site service, includes a visual inspection for black mold or any other type of mold growing on interior surfaces of your home. If during our visual mold inspection, we detect mold growing in an area, We can take a direct sample from the area or object and have it tested for toxic mold spores. If you suspect hidden mold in your home or a home you are buying, we can perform environmental air sampling. 

Laboratory Analysis:

Is it toxic?   Air testing and direct sample cultures are sent out to a certified third party laboratory in MA qualified to process viable and non-viable fungi cultures. Mold testing air samples are analyized for the presence of over 18 different types of molds. If a risk is identified, a mold abatement plan is then discussed with the client.

Mold Remediation:

We remove, contain and dispose of all contaminated materials. Then, our Mold Remediation Technology is applied by trained, professional technicians.


Is it gone?   How do I know?   After a mold remediation job has been completed, our company can perform additional mold testing to the treated areas in the environment where the risks were identified and a mold removal procedure was performed. These can be either indoor air testing or direct sample re-testing. Data analysis from these new culture surveys is made available to the client on a confidential basis. At that point we can provide a scientific-based before and after evaluation of our work to demonstrate and to provide assurance that the building is safe.


How can I stop mold from returning after I have had a mold remediation treatment performed?   Find the water intrusion source(s) and correct them.